Kids and Fluoride


There is nothing that is as inexpensive, equitable, easy, and effective as water fluoridation.

Fluoride tablets – can be expensive and dosing everyday is a challenge for busy families. Fluoride tablets are not as good as water fluoridation since topical exposure is very limited.

Fluoride toothpaste - good for topical exposure, not systemic since spit out.

Fluoride mouth rinse - must be prescribed by a dentist or physician, but if you can’t get access to a dentist you won’t get access to mouth rinse. It has the same problems as fluoride tablets.

Topically applied high dose fluoride (Fluoride varnish or a "fluoride treatment"). A dental or medical professional must apply this. Again, access to dentists is extremely limited for low-income children and even more so for preventive services.

Fluoride occurs naturally in Water.  Its nature’s way to prevent tooth decay.

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