In Support of Community Water Fluoridation:

American Dental Association
In the interest of public health, the American Dental Association unreservedly endorses the fluoridation of community water supplies as safe, effective, and necessary in preventing tooth decay. This support has been the Association’s policy since 1950.

U.S. Surgeon General Statement
Water fluoridation is the most cost- effective, practical, and safe means of reducing the occurrence of tooth decay in a community. Water fluoridation continues to be the cornerstone of community oral prevention programs. Every Surgeon General of the U.S., for the past 50 years, has supported community water fluoridation.

National Centers for Disease Control
Community Water fluoridation is one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.

The American Academy of Pediatrics
The AAP endorses and accepts as its policy the Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the United States
Widespread use of fluoride has been a major factor in the decline in the prevalence and severity of dental decay in the United States and other economically developed countries. When used appropriately, fluoride is both safe and effective in preventing and controlling dental caries. Because frequent exposure to small amounts of fluoride each day will best reduce the risk for dental caries in all age groups, the work group recommends that all persons drink water with an optimal fluoride concentration and brush their teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. For persons at high risk for dental caries, additional fluoride measures might be needed.

The American Medical Association
The AMA urges state health departments to consider the value of requiring statewide fluoridation (preferably a comprehensive program of fluoridation of all public water supplies, where these are fluoride deficient), and to initiate such action as deemed appropriate.

Don’t be tricked by the half-truths and misleading statements about fluoride. Community water fluoridation is supported by every national and international health care or scientific organization with a position on the topic as well as by the following Humboldt County organizations, health care professionals, and Arcata residents:

This website is supported by in kind or financial contributions from these supporters:

California Dental Association
John A. Bennett, DDS
Richard Benoit, DDS
California Conservation Corps
Charles Chamberlin, PhD
Casey Crabill, EdD
James Danielson, DDS
Russell Davis, DDS
Gina Dusi, Social Worker
Garry Eagles, PhD
Matthew Ellison, MD
George Epperson, DDS
First 5 Humboldt
Robert Fischer, DDS
Steve Gustafson
Edie Harmer, RN
Mark Harris, DDS
Barry Hay, DDS
Humboldt Child Care Council
Humboldt-Del Norte Dental Soc.
Humboldt-Del Norte Medical
Society Executive Committee
Ted Humphry, MD
Howard Hunt, DDS
Siddiq Kilkenny
Teresa Kosmac, DDS
Raymond Lacy, DDS
Barry Lee, DDS
Peter Lehman, PhD
Ann Lindsay, MD
Gregory Mellon, DDS
Shelley D. Mitchell
Mildred Mossman
Northcoast Children's Services
Laura Olsen
Open Door Health Centers
Lon and Janet Praytor
Susan Praytor
Wendy Ring, MD
Steven Schonfeld, DDS, PhD
Six Rivers Dental Hygiene
Rebecca Stauffer, MD
Connie Stewart
John Sullivan, MD
Bradford Tucker, DDS
Garrison Tucker, DDS
Julie Villegas
Rosie Weston
Carter Wright, DDS
Joseph Zamboni, DDS
Robert Parks, DDS

Cory Aden-Wansbury, MD
I. Leonard Agnew, Jr.DDS
Shashi Ajmani MD
Carolyn Barnhar t FNP
Barbara Barratt
Richard E. Benoit DDS
Assembly Woman Patty Berg
Ira Blatt
Heather Bonser-Bishop
Patricia A. Bower CHOW ll
Joseph E. Carroll
Professor Charles Chamberlin
Humboldt Child Care Council
Mary Alice Comstock
Larry Connolly Ph.D
Jeff Corral-Ribordy MD
Ralph L. Davis DDS
Russell L Davis DDS
Gina Dusi Social Worker
John Gambin MD
James A. Gast
Thea Gast
Professor Robert A. Gearheart
Amy George MOA
Daniel Glaseroff DDS
Steve Gustafson
Lisa Hansen
Susan Hansen
Daniel Harris MD
Debbie Hartridge

Lisa Henniger
Robert Henriques MD
Shelly Honig PHN
Howard Hunt DDS
Chad Johnson
Krista L. Johnson
Debbie Johnson RN
Chris Jones
Allan Katz
Nancy Keleher AAII
John Kelly PHN
Sam Kennedy DDS
Teresa Kosmac DMD
Barry M. Lee DDS
Professor Peter Lehman
Ann Lindsay MD
Melissa Martel
Maureen McCready
Laura McEwen
Shelly Mitchell
Michael Mizoguchi MD
Dorothy Molofsky PHN
Brenda Morgan RN
Michael Moss DDS
Tim Nicely MD
Sheila Nitzel MSW
Steve A. Norton DDS
Mark Owens
Carl Pellatz
Charlene Pellatz

Professor Marianne Pennekamp
Timothy M. Pentecost DDS
Herb Peterson, Jr.
Susan Praytor
Rollin Richmond
Basha Richter
Allen J. Sanders DDS
Sondra Schaub
Steven E. Schonfeld DDS, Ph.D.
Susan Seeger
Rosaleen Sheehy CHOW
Catherine Silver PA-C
Kenneth S. Singleton DDS
Chris Smalley PHN
Mollie Smith
Karen Sperry CDA, RDA
Rebecca Stauffer MD
Dorthea Sulimma
John Sullivan MD
Anne Tait MD
Sarie Toste
Kiyo Tracy
Garrison C. Tucker DDS
Bradford Tucker DDS, MSD
Trace Vole MOA
Ellen Weiss
Rosie Westin
Dick Wild
Lois Wild
Michael Winkler

Rees Hughes
Mary Gill
Carlisle Douglas
Bob Reese
Edward R. Smith
Marseille Spetz, MD
Celeste Mulcahy
Ava M. Craddock
Elizabeth Seal
Jennifer Knight
Peter B. Shepard
Ana King Smith
Viola Brooks
Walt Frazer
Bill Carlson, MD
Abby Munro-Proulx
Frederica Aalto
Ginni Hassrick, LCSW
Beverly DeBoice
Kit Crosby-Williams, MFT
Jean Doran

Robert G. White, Ph.D.

Read One of Our Supporters' Perspectives

"Policy makers, community leaders, private industry, health professionals, the media, and the public should affirm that oral health is essential to general health and well being and take action to make ourselves, our families, and our communities healthier. I join previous Surgeons General in acknowledging the continuing public health role for community water fluoridation in enhancing the oral health of all Americans."
Vice Admiral Richard H. Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS, Surgeon General of the United States, 2002-present

Fluoride occurs naturally in Water.  Its nature’s way to prevent tooth decay.

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