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MP receives death threats over fluoride


June 22, 2009

Police have taken the unusual step of patrolling a Victorian government minister's house after a row over fluoride in drinking water erupted in death threats and a bomb threat.

Anti-fluoride extremists have threatened to kill state Labor MP Lisa Neville "slowly" and blow up water treatment plants, because the regional city of Geelong is to add fluoride to its water.

Police are investigating numerous threats against Barwon Water and government officials, but the local anti-fluoride lobby group says it's not responsible.

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Virginia town council affirms community water

April 20 2009

Months went by in 2008 and early 2009 as the town council in Timberville, Virginia debated the issue of water fluoridation. Experts from all sides of the debate expressed their views at a public forum and made presentations at the council's meetings. The undecided council wanted to place the issue before the voters but that required approval of the state legislature, which did not happen, so the decision remained in the hands of the council."

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Anti-fluoridation information ‘propaganda’

By Susan Sandys

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

The Ashburton District Council will publicise anti-fluoride information prior to a Methven referendum on the issue later this year.

This has raised the ire of the Canterbury District Health Board, which plans to ask the council to reconsider its approach.

The council claims it is neutral in the contentious fluoride debate, and will put “both sides” in front of the public. But health professionals have accused it of bias in favour of anti-fluoridationists.

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Dentists say many kids aren't getting enough fluoride

By Alicia Gallegos

February 4, 2008

GRANGER — When Pam Stesiak and her husband, Jeff, moved to Granger more than 10 years ago, she remembered hearing something about a fluoride issue with the water system.

Shortly after her children were born, Stesiak said, their family dentist prescribed fluoride supplements for the kids to make up for the loss. Riley, now 10, and Regan, 6, have been taking the supplements ever since.

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“In the interest of public health, the American Dental Association unreservedly endorses fluoridation of community water supplies as safe, effective, and necessary in the preventing of tooth decay—and this has been the policy of ADA since 1950.”

American Dental Association Statement

Fluoride occurs naturally in Water.  Its nature’s way to prevent tooth decay.

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