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"You're doing the right thing for your oral health."

"You're doing the right thing for your oral health." That's what American Dental Association Executive Director James B. Bramson says about you when you're drinking fluoridated water from the tap or if you buy it in the bottle.

An FDA ruling now allows water bottlers to claim what dentists have long known: properly fluorinated water helps prevent tooth decay. The ruling states the labels on bottled drinking water are allowed to claim the benefits of fluoridation. According to the ruling, the health claim is not intended for use on bottled water for infants, however bottled waters are allowed to use the claim on their labels if they contain between 0.6 and 1.0 mg per liter of total fluoride. This is the amount which meets the general requirements for health claims.

The American Dental Association has not wavered in it's support for fluoridation of community water supplies in almost 60 years. The policy of support was first adopted by the ADA in 1950 and has not wavered. Now some 170 million Americans are served by fluorinated public water systems, while some of the popular bottled waters are now also optimally fluorinated.

For more information regarding fluoride and fluoridation, visit http://www.ada.org/goto/fluoride

“The fact is that I started out as somewhat skeptical and cautious about fluoridation. But then I became a firm believer as proof was assembled by scientists that fluoridation of a water supply will reduce the production of tooth cavities (our most prevalent disease) by 60%, and, just as important, that no disease or defect is caused by this procedure. What particularly allayed my early doubts about adding a chemical to public water supplies was learning that fluoride has always occurred naturally in water supplies.” Dr. Benjamin Spock
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