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APHA Supports Fluoridation

The American Public Health Association is an organization made up of pubic health professionals. It is the largest, oldest and most diverse organization of its kind. Since 1872 it has been proactive in making public health better. Protecting Americans from preventable health risks is the Associations main goal. It specializes in community-based disease prevention action and preventive health services.

At its 2008 annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, the Governing Council approved an updated policy on Community Water Fluoridation in the United States. This position paper provides the scientific basis and justification for the importance of continuing to support CWF (Community Water Fluoridation) for our nation’s public water supplies.

Here is a quote from the report: "Those opposed to fluoridation sow doubts about the risks and benefits of CWF, often with little scientific basis. In addition, there is often insufficient advocacy for CWF in the face of ongoing media campaigns by activists opposed to fluoridation, commonly referred to in the literature as antifluoridationists."

The paper addresses the issues of safety, legality, cost effectiveness, continued benefits of and need for fluoridation, and many other topics.

The policy is now available on the association's web site:

“The fact is that I started out as somewhat skeptical and cautious about fluoridation. But then I became a firm believer as proof was assembled by scientists that fluoridation of a water supply will reduce the production of tooth cavities (our most prevalent disease) by 60%, and, just as important, that no disease or defect is caused by this procedure. What particularly allayed my early doubts about adding a chemical to public water supplies was learning that fluoride has always occurred naturally in water supplies.” Dr. Benjamin Spock
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