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Straight Talk about Fluoride

There is a lot of information available about fluoride but the information is also sometimes conflicting. Some leads us to believe fluoride in drinking water is a good thing; and some says just the opposite! Even information in clear opposition claims to have solid scientific backing – how can this be? This situation led us to ask: How can a person make an informed decision about whether fluoride is good or bad when everything they hear is so conflicting?

This web site presents the best known, best substantiated and most truthful information about fluoride.

We are educators, medical and public health practitioners, dentists, parents and concerned citizens who have thoroughly researched the issues of fluoride in community water sources. We deeply care about dental health, safe drinking water, health equity across socio-economic groups and fiscal responsibility in homes and whole communities.

Many American Communities Want To Retain Fluoride in Their Drinking Water

There are many American communities that have had fluoridated drinking water for 50 years or more but recently some oppose having fluoride in community water, and in some cases have even tried to stop fluoridation! We believe the public needs current and reliable information to assist them in making an informed choice regarding this important public health decision, which could especially affect the health of those in our community who are most vulnerable to severe dental disease, and who have the least access to professional preventative and treatment services and who, along with taxpayers, would wind up paying for costly treatment instead of inexpensive prevention. Fluoride provides safe dental prevention in a cost effective way to our most vulnerable citizens. Read on for the truth on Fluoride in drinking water.

We Support Fluoride in our Community Water based on these Values

• It Promotes health for all community members even the disadvantaged and most vulnerable.
• Taking a community-wide and long-term approach to solving problems.
• Using our local and state tax dollars equitably and in a cost effective manner.
• Preventing disease.
• Making informed choices based on available evidence and its relevance to our community’s situation.
• Recognizing that public health measures have been of great benefit to the community, but that they need to meet a high standard of safety and efficacy and should not constitute an insurmountable burden to those who object to them for personal reasons.
• Understanding that any policy involves a balance between risk, cost, and benefit.
• Understanding that there can be no absolute certainty in public health matters, but that there are reasonable standards of evidence that most of our community can accept to use in making policy decisions.


The evidence supporting the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of fluoridation of community water supplies comes from multiple sources covering 50 years of legitimate research published in peer reviewed journals, including both long term studies on large populations, recent confirmatory studies, and comprehensive literature reviews.  Adding fluoride to drinking water is an important element in promotion of dental health along with education and access to dental care.  Our group supports the actions of the dental Advisory Group in promoting dental health by all practical means.

We have met with the group opposing fluoride in our community water, and read materials they claim support their cause.  Most if not all the material is not scientifically valid and draws conclusions not supported by evidence or not statistically significant. Their claims are inflammatory and largely unfounded.
See "The Claims Versus the Facts" 

Does Fluoride in your Drinking Water Expose you to Dangerous Chemicals or Health Risks?

The Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Health Services Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Management are responsible for setting and enforcing safety standards for community water systems.   The proposed referendum calls for approval of additives to Arcata water by the Food and Drug Administration. The Food and Drug Administration does not oversee drinking water; it would take an act of Congress to change regulations to allow FDA to regulate water additives.  A small group of people in Arcata (and some other communities across America) are calling for FDA approval to add fluoride to drinking water. This is a thinly veiled attempt to tie the issue up in a bureaucratic process that will cause years of no fluoride in water (which is consistent with their main goal of keeping fluoride out of community water systems).. 

Who Deserves Fluoride in their Drinking Water?

All the citizens of our community – particularly children -- deserve the benefits of fluoride in their drinking water.  People who do not wish to drink fluoridated water can obtain other water satisfactory to them or can treat city water to their own personal standards. People who feel they need to severely limit fluoride intake will need to take further measures to limit their fluoride intake if they wish.

Fluoride in Drinking Water is a Fiscally Responsible Action

 To provide fluoride in drops or pills is much more expensive and requires each parent to administer thousands of doses, thus providing much less widespread protection to high-risk children.

High-risk children are also less able to access professional preventative services like sealants or fluoride office applications. The scientific evidence shows a benefit of fluoridation to adults and the elderly, not only children.  It is our goal to get accurate information about the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation out to the voters of Arcata and encourage fluoride supporters to speak up and vote for social justice!

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“Community water fluoridation is an effective, safe, and ideal public health measure that benefits individuals of all ages and economic strata”.
Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General
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Fluoride's properties were discovered in the American Southwest due to the markedly better teeth health of the local population than in other regions of the country.

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